Digital Economy Lab

The discussions that take place on social media network are divided into communities that are more or less closed off from each other. The “echo chamber” phenomenon complicates the exploration of these networks by journalists conducting investigations in the digital field. Based on the prototype developed in the first phase of research, the aim of this research project is to develop a tool that allows journalists to explore communities on social medial platforms. The Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) will be the field of study and implementation through the intermediary Felix Tybalt. Combining data science and journalism, this “smart assistant” is designed to accompany journalists in their digital investigations. Its design is based on the analysis of the connections within discussions groups, the understanding of journalistic uses of social network platforms as sources of information as well as a lexicometric analysis in order to reveal the distinctive terms used by discussion groups.

This project is led in Neuchâtel by the Prof. Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel of the Academy of Journalism and Media (AJM) and is part of a partnership with the Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst of the LTS2 laboratory at EPFL. Benjamin Ricaud (post-doctoral student, EPFL), Nicolas Aspert (collaborator, EPFL), Vincent Carlino (post-doctoral fellow, AJM), and Lucie Loubère (post-doctoral fellow, University Toulouse 3) are collaborating on this project.

Source of Funding

Initiative pour l’innovation dans les médias-IMI

Allocated Funds

138,460 CHF

Start and End of the Project

01.02.2021 to 31.01.2022

Name Surname

Prof. Nathalie Pignard-Cheynel
Faculty of Economics and Business