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NEDAO is a participative project allowing the residents of the Canton of Neuchâtel to submit, support, vote, and/or finance local innovating, cultural, and/or educational projects. NEDAO is a platform that has the objective to give citizens, SMEs and the institutions of the Canton of Neuchâtel the unique opportunity to experiment with new decentralization technologies such as smart contracts or DAOs, and to discover and understand new models and paradigms of governance and management, as well as the scope of their potential applications.

The platform has an educational function by making the new tools of blockchain technology accessible to a large number of people, including a non-professional audience. NEDAO thus connects the population of the Canton of Neuchâtel with the world of blockchain.

Academic Participation

The Law Faculty of the University of Neuchâtel is NEDAO’s academic partner. Several researchers from the Faculty of Law contribute to the search for legal solutions for the challenges arising from societal changes resulting from the advancement of technology. The scientific contributions published regarding the legal aspects of the use of blockchain technology or, in boarder terms, of distributed registries, are accessible on the Cryptoeconomic Systems Lab page.

Blog posts related to the project

Guillaume Florence / Riva Sven, Model Law for DAOs – a legal regime adapted to a new type of digital company, LexTech Institute blog, 25.01.2022

Ferreira Leonel, Créer sa DAO en Faculté de droit, LexTech Institute blog, 02.12.2020

Riva Sven, Do DAOs exist in Switzerland?, LexTech Institute blog, 22.10.2020

Project team

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Prof. Florence Guillaume
Faculty of Law

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Sven Riva
PhD student, Faculty of Law