The LexTech Institute, in partnership with the University Conference of Western Switzerland (CUSO), offers doctoral students in law a doctoral training including six two-hour sessions on topics related to law and technology led by Swiss and foreign professors. The meeting program can be viewed on the LexTech Institute platform.

Overview of the topics:

  • The algorithm and the worker (Thursday the 25th of May 2023)
  • What is the role of users in the governance of social networks? (Tuesday the 13th of June 2023)
  • In-game economy: regulating economic exchanges in virtual worlds (Thursday the 28th of September 2023)
  • Cultural creations generated by artificial intelligence: what does the law say? (Thursday the 12th of October 2023)
  • The use of deepfakes for criminal purpose (Thursday the 26th of October 2023)
  • The regulation of decisions rendered by artificial intelligence systems (Thursday the 9th of November 2023)


Doctoral students can register for the sessions of their choice according to their interests and research. Registration is done via the LexTech Institute platform (for doctoral students who are in the CUSO circle), or by email at (for doctoral students who are not in the CUSO circle). Participation to the sessions (in person or online) is free for all doctoral students.